Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are a great place to vacation for fishing enthusiasts!

When you stay at Little Valley Mountain Resort, you will have access to our four stocked fishing ponds. All of our cabins are on private property, so no license is required to fish in our ponds. The only requirement is to have some fun and relax! We will supply you with fishing poles free of charge if you forget to bring yours, and tackle can be purchased at the office. Please note that fishing at Little Valley Resort is catch and release only.

Free fishing and fun await you - but first, choose the perfect luxury log cabin for your vacation! 

If you want to fish off the resort, there are some things you need to know about license requirements, fish limits, and lure regulations. We've put together some information to help you prepare for your trip.

There are close to 500 miles of Smoky Mountain fly fishing streams in the Smokies, from the upper prongs of Forney Creek at over 4,000 feet to the mouth of Abrams Creek, where it spills into Chilhowee Lake at less than 900 feet. Brook trout are the only native trout to the Smoky Mountains, but in the late 19th and early 20th century, after the logging days were done, both brook and brown trout were stocked in the Smokies. Now, these three species, along with smallmouth bass in the lowest streams, thrive here. Fishing is permitted year-round in the Mountain Rivers and streams from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset. Slip away into nature with fishing trips and Smoky Mountain vacations from the Little Valley Mountain resort.

Smoky Mountains National Park Fishing License Requirements

You must possess a valid fishing license or permit from either Tennessee or North Carolina to fish in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Either state license is valid throughout the park and no trout stamp is required. Fishing licenses and permits are not available in the park but may be purchased in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, or Gatlinburg. Special permits are required for fishing in the cities of Gatlinburg and Cherokee North Carolina. Persons under 16 in North Carolina and under 13 in Tennessee are not required to obtain a license and are entitled to the adult daily bag and possession limits and are subject to all other regulations.

Daily Fish Limits in the Smoky Mountains National Park

Five (5) brook, rainbow or brown trout, smallmouth bass, or a combination of these may be caught each day or in possession, regardless of whether they are fresh, stored in an ice chest, or otherwise preserved. The combined total must not exceed five fish. Twenty (20) rock bass may be kept in addition to the trout and smallmouth bass limit. You must stop fishing immediately after obtaining the limit. The size limit for brook, rainbow and brown trout along with the smallmouth bass is a 7-inch length minimum. There is no minimum size limit for rock bass. Trout or smallmouth bass caught less than the legal length must be

Fishing Equipment Regulations for the Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountain fly fishing is permitted only by the use of one hand-held rod. Only artificial flies or lures with a single hook may be used. Dropper flies may be used. Up to two flies on a leader. Use or possession of any form of fish bait or liquid scent other than artificial flies or lures on or along any park stream while in possession of fishing tackle is prohibited. Prohibited baits include, but are not limited to, minnows (live or preserved), worms, corn, cheese, bread, salmon eggs, pork rinds, liquid scents, and natural baits found along streams. Use or possession of double, treble, or gang hooks is prohibited. Fishing tackle and equipment, including creels and fish in possession, are subject to inspection by authorized personnel. Choose the Little Valley Mountain Resort for relaxing Smoky Mountain vacations and fishing trips. We are known for our exceptional Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.