Frequently Asked Questions


Little Valley Mountain Resort is located just 4.5 miles off the main parkway in Pigeon Forge. We are in the Walden's Creek Area of Wears Valley. All of our cabins are located on our resort.

Reservations require a deposit of 50% of the grand total for your stay. Deposits may be made on Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover. Cashier's checks, and money orders may be accepted given that the reservation is made witha minimum of $100.00 towards the 50% down payment required on the Credit Card and the Cashier's Check or Money Order is received within 3 business days of booking. All reservations require a valid Credit Card Number regardless of method of payment.

Availability calendars are available online for each individual cabin. These calendars are as up to date as possible at the time. Availability varies from day to day due to reservations and cancellations. During regular office hours, there will always be a reservationist to answer all your questions about availability. Just call our office toll-free at 1-800-581-7225 to speak to one of our helpful staff members.

If your check-in date is at least 30 days away (60 days for 3+ bedroom cabins), you have the option to cancel your reservation and receive a refund in your original form of payment (minus the cancellation fee of $300 for 1-2 bedrooms and $600 for 3+ bedrooms).

Or you can cancel your reservation and we’ll deposit a Future Stay Credit into your Little Valley account for you to use later. Here’s how it works:

  • Get 100% credit: You’ll receive credit for 100% of your trip cost (even the taxes and fees).
  • Go anywhere: You’re free to use the credit at any Little Valley cabin.
  • Take your time: You can redeem the credit for any new trip with a check-in date up to 15 months after the day your credit is issued.

If you cancel within 30 days (1-2 bedrooms cabins) or 60 days (3+ bedroom cabins) of your check-in date you will lose your full deposit.

All reservations are subject to our standard 30 Day OR 60 Day Cancellation Policy. Once a deposit has been posted, and subsequently the unit is officially booked, all cancellations made more than 30 Days for 1 and 2 bedroom cabins or 60 days for 3+ bedroom cabins prior to arrival will result in a refund of your deposit minus $300 for 1-2 bedrooms or $600 for 3+ bedrooms. All cancellations made within 30 days (60 days for 3+ bedrooms) prior to your check-in date will result in a full forfeiture of your deposit. Exceptions: If We are Able to Rebook the Cabin We may Refund All of Your Deposit Less the Fee of $300 for 1-2 bedrooms or $600 for 3+ bedrooms. Rescheduling of dates DOES NOT reschedule the set 30 or 60 days. All rescheduled reservations result in a No Cancellation policy on the amended dates. We DO NOT offer any refunds for No Shows or early Check-out regardless of situation. PLEASE NOTE: Little Valley Mountain Resort, Inc. CANNOT refund monies for circumstances beyond our control. This includes Acts of God, particularly, severe or inclement weather, failure of public utilities or outside services (for example power, hot tub malfunction, wi-fi, cable or Satellite TV). Accordingly, we do suggest that you consider purchasing travel insurance. You may wish to begin your investigation into this service by visiting Little Valley Mountain Resort, Inc. is not affiliated with any insurance company. Pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 47, Chapter 18 and Title 62, Chapter 13, Section 62-13-104(b)(3), Subdivision (D)(i), Little Valley Mountain Resort, Inc. the following as policy as of 06/04/2003: "All advance deposits, damage deposits and balance of rent due are deposited into a bank escrow clearing account. These deposits are considered income to Little Valley Mountain Resort, Inc. upon receipt and may be used immediately. Any refund considerations are expensed from the general books of Little Valley Mountain Resort, Inc. on a case by case basis."

On your day of arrival, Check-In is not guaranteed until after 4pm. If you do arrive before the scheduled Check-In time, however, please call our office. If your cabin is ready before 4pm, we will be happy to go ahead and check you in. But, again, no Check-In can be guaranteed until after 4pm. Checkout time is before 11am on your scheduled Checkout day.

Here at Little Valley Mountain Resort, our cabins are not located too close for comfort. We do not agree with the policy of quantity versus quality. We do not clear-cut our mountains, so the forest is still standing and we do not allow more than one cabin per lot. Because we have maintained such a strict policy of privacy, we are pleased to say that we have not had a single complaint about privacy since the development of the resort.

All of our cabins are Non-Smoking and no smoking is allowed within 50 feet of the cabins. Noncompliance of the Non-Smoking Regulations will result in an additional $250.00 cleaning fee.

Because of our resort location in Pigeon Forge, we find that our cabins are much easier to get to than many of the other resorts. Pigeon Forge is not quite in the extreme elevations as other places, so the grades to arrive at the cabins do not exceed that which most cars are able to achieve. Regardless of this point, snowy and icy roads are slick whether in mountains or plains. So if you make a reservation during the winter months, we do suggest that you bring a four-wheel drive vehicle or chains for your tires on your two-wheel drive vehicles.

Our resort is located in the Pigeon Forge area, just 4.5 miles off of the main parkway. The downtown strip in the city of Gatlinburg is only 12-15 miles away. In terms of time, Gatlinburg is only 15-30 minutes away depending on traffic at the time.

Around the Great Smoky Mountains, we have found that predicting the weather is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole: it's nearly impossible. Because of the structure of the landscape, storm-clouds and such can either be pushed past the mountain regions very quickly and can stick like glue. To check out the current weather, click here.

Please remember that there may be certain health risks involved with the use of the Hot Tubs. Our housekeepers are trained to drain, clean, rinse, refill, and replenish all chemicals in between each stay. The tub can take 6 or even more hours after this to return to full temperature. Hot Tub Covers are strictly for insulation and are not equipped to support much weight including that of even small children. PLEASE DO NOT SIT OR STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVERS AS THIS COULD DAMAGE OR BREAK THE COVER. These covers are very expensive, and guests may be subject to charges for a new cover if they are found responsible for damages. Remeber to leave this coveron the tub when it is not in use to help maintain the correct temperature. Please shower before using the Hot Tub. Lotions and perfumes can mix with the chemicals in the tub and cause a skin rash.

Our resort includes a stocked fishing pond that does not require a state license. We have marked hiking trails and freshwater streams. We have large open spaces for sporting activities and picnics. We have everything your peaceful vacation should be made up of including a heated swimming pool. If you are looking to have a group function, we have a reception room that fits about 20 guests. Then again, if your group is much smaller, say just the two of you, just relaxing in your cabin is the number one chosen activity of most previous guests.

Little Valley wants to help you have the most relaxing stay in the Great Smoky Mountains. All guests pay a One Time Only Cleaning Fee on each reservation so that their Check-Out procedure is minimal and the next incoming guest will arrive to the same clean cabin as the previous guest. By paying this required fee, a guest is only asked to have the dishwashing machine running upon checking out of the cabin (the Housekeeping Staff will empty the dishwasher for you). Also, we ask that all soiled towels be placed in the bathtubs to avoid damage to the hardwood floors and carpets. The Fee you have paid will take care of the rest. The Housekeeping staff will strip the beds, replace the sheets, clean the floors, dust all surfaces, clean the hot tubs, scrub the bathrooms, etc.

Little Valley prides itself in Hospitality and Customer Service. We incur an additional One Time Only Fee applied to all reservations prior to taxation. The fee differs based on cabin occupancy details. This fee gives Little Valley the ability to be appropriately staffed during the on and off-seasons, as well as help to afford all of the additional luxuries we offer here. These luxuries include the Heated Swimming Pool, the Stocked Fishing Pond, Hiking Trails, Mini-Golf and other upcoming amenities Little Valley plans to offer. This will include a new larger Swimming Pool in the works. Also, our office is directly On-Site and open 7 Days a Week. So as opposed to much of our competition, when you have any issue, we are better equipped to take care of your situation as quickly as possible.